The Randomness – Purpose of Our Existence

Keep dancing on the rhythm of your heart beat, Even if the stage is on fire and the worlds seems to end, You should know you are unstoppable until there is a beat in you, There is world you have to conquer, waiting at your feet.


The Randomness- The relation between mother and a growing child !

Her smile is the best thing I have ever seen it lightens up my world like nothing else. I know she have outgrown my lap but she will never outgrow my heart.

The Randomness- Friendship- The Beautiful Bond .

They say friends are the family we choose but I say friends are family our heart chooses. The bonds made by heart and are much stronger than any other ties. These are the bonds which are not affected by time and distance. A special friend is always going to be special, even if the busy life catches you and you meet or talk to them after years. One look at their face and the forgotten intensity is back within seconds.

The Randomness- The Woman in Our Life’s. Just a daughter, wife, mother or more?

Not that I complain but, A daughter, a wife, a mother, Is that my only identity. I would never compromise their happiness for me, They are important and always will be, But I need something that is only me.

The Randomness- Achieving Goals and The Moving Clouds

Sometimes we think there is no sunlight in our life, our life is full darkness. The whole world is enjoying the sunny day but for us, there are dark clouds blocking sunlight. We start losing hope we know that life is not a piece of cake but still it hurt, hurts deep. We start carving for the warmth of the sun because we tend to forget that the clouds blocking the sunlight are not permanent they are Moving Clouds.

The Randomness of Relationships

If I want to say you guys something it would not be some sweet nothings about a happy easy life it would be hard core advice I would give you as a person who wants to share things I learned so when you go through that situation it would be easier for you.